Tamek Breakfast Mixed (1L)

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The real fruit taste at every sip ...

Peach, apple and orange! These three beneficial fruits also strengthen the body's defense mechanism and immune system. Daily need is supplied in 34% of your Vitamin C, 18% of your Vitamin A and 15% of your Vitamin E.

According to the Turkish Food Codex, Tamek - Multi Fruit Nectar does not contain preservatives and artificial coloring materials; it is completely protected by natural means and packed in sterile conditions and takes place in your meals.

To spend a day in different tastes, start your day with Tamek - Multi Fruit Nectar!

£1.79£1.99 VAT is included. (-10%)

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Tamek-Breakfast Mixed - ROBIN FOOD

The most special mixes with lots of vitamins ...

Get a fresh start to the day with Tamek Breakfast, which includes orange, peach, apple, tangerine, lemon, pineapple and grapefruit! It helps your body to meet your daily vitamin needs with its seven fruits and vitamins A, E, C, B6, Niacin, Pantothenic acid and Folic acid.

In accordance with the Turkish Food Codex; Tamek Kahvaltım 7 Fruit 7 Vitamin Nectar does not contain any preservatives or artificial color substances, it is packaged under sterile conditions by protecting it completely naturally and takes its place on your tables.

Start the day with Tamek Breakfast and energize your day.


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Tamek Breakfast Mixed (1L)

£1.79£1.99 VAT is included. (-10%)

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