Sütaş Cream Cheese (160 Gr)


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Product Features

Sutas Cream Cheese, anytime anywhere!

With its unique taste and perfect consistency, Sütaş Cream Cheese adds deliciousness to any moment throughout the day. Delicately produced with Sütaş Cheeses and with its convenient packaging, Sütaş Cream Cheese is the favorite of all family members, especially the youngsters


Product description

Product features

Sutas Cream Cheese, How Well Eaten!

Sütaş Cream Cheese is produced from Sütaş Cheese. Its easily spreadable consistency adds flavor to your breakfasts and snacks. It is a favorite of the whole family, especially young people and children.

Energy and Nutrition Facts

(Amount in 100 g)

Enerji (kj / kcal) 790 / 190
Oil (g) 14
Saturated fat (g) 9,1
Carbohydrate (g) 3,0
Candies (g) 3,0
Protein (g) 13
Salt (g) 1,1
Calcium (mg) 500
Ingredients: Cheese, cow's milk, emulsifying salts (polyphosphates), thickener (carrageenan - seaweed extract), coloring (red pepper extract), sorbic acid, table salt.

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Sütaş Cream Cheese (160 Gr)