Peyman Garden Walnut Inside

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Walnuts reinforce cardiovascular health thanks to its high content of omega-3. In comparison to other nuts, walnuts have a higher content of plant-based omega-3, antioxidants, iron and fiber. One serving (30 grams) of walnuts covers the body's daily requirement of omega-3. Walnuts have a higher content of oxidant activity than any other nuts. Walnuts act as a good antioxidant that can help to mitigate the damages of LDL, otherwise known as bad cholesterol.

£3.89£4.27 (-9%)

Product description

It contains omega 3 fatty acids.

It contains high fiber.

Contains high phosphorus. Phosphorus is essential for normal growth and bone development in children. Contains high magnesium. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of fatigue and fatigue.

It is a source of postassium. Potassium contributes to normal muscle function.

Walnut Kernels.

Allergen warning
May contain trace amounts of peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, wheat gluten, soy, milk protein (including lactose), mustard, celery and sulfur dioxide.


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Peyman Garden Walnut Inside

£3.89£4.27 (-9%)

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