Lipton Yellow Label Tea (100's)

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100 tea bags

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Lipton - Yellow Label Cay (100s)

Lipton Yellow Label Cup Bag Tea 100 Pieces With the package, you will only need a glass and hot water to enjoy tea! It is very easy to make this delicious tea blending Eastern Black Sea, Indonesian, Kenyan and Ceylon teas! Lipton Yellow Label offers a magnificent tea experience with its taste, smell and aroma suitable for Turkish taste. ROBIN FOOD

Did you know that a tea plant can produce tea leaves for 50 years?

This package consisting of 25 straining cups of tea will make your tea breaks even more beautiful. Just a cup of water is enough to enjoy this pleasure with its practical use!

After adding boiling water to your tea, it is recommended to wait for 3-4 minutes to steep. You can sweeten it the way you like or drink it plain.

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First put your Lipton tea bag in the glass. Add 100 ml of freshly boiled 200C drinking water on it. Dip the bag in water 5-10 times and remove it. Wait 2-3 minutes until the desired brew density is achieved. Bon Appetit!

Black tea.


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Lipton Yellow Label Tea (100's)

£2.99£4.99 (-40%)

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