Gazi Halloumi Cheese (250gr)

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£3.39£4.09 (-17%)

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Gazi Halloumi Cheese reaches your table from Cyprus with Gazi quality. You can consume halloumi cheese, which adds a delicious flavor to breakfast tables with its unique taste, by grilling or frying it in a pan, or you can use it in sandwiches, toast, pasta or salads.

Halloumi cheese, which is a good source of calcium as well as its excellent taste, is an ideal cheese type that you and your family can safely consume.

pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet

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Storage Conditions
In refrigerator conditions at 2/8 C temperature


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Weight 250 g

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Gazi Halloumi Cheese (250gr)

£3.39£4.09 (-17%)

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