Handmade Olive Pastry (5 pieces)


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Every place makes its own version, or more than one variety, and so they come in all different textures and flavors. Some pogača are only one inch around and one inch high; others are much larger. Some have a crumbly scone-like consistency inside, while others are more tender like a fresh dinner roll or croissant.

A dozen different ingredients can be found either in the dough, sprinkled on top before baking, or both. At Bonvila we supply plain pogacas therefore this leaves you to be creative and pick what you would like to mix it with!


Put in oven for a few minutes and the Pogacas will be as good as freshly baked!

The Pogacas are sent refrigerated and must be consumed within 5 days.


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Handmade - Olive Pogaca (5 pcs) - robinfood.co.uk

Turkish type traditional pastry

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Handmade Olive Pastry (5 pieces)