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Make Cheesecake

For the fans of Cheesecake, Dr. Oetker now offers Cheesecake Yap with its very easy to make cheesecake at home…

Dr. Oetker Cheesecake Yap can be prepared in 3 minutes by just adding cold milk and yoghurt.

It can be also prepared with strained yoghurt or mild cream cheese instead of yoghurt.

If desired, adding lemon, orange peeling or chocolate are optional.

Granulated or mashed biscuits, nuts or almonds can be added to the cheesecake base and self-made recipes can be prepared depending on your choices.

Dr. Oetker Cheesecake Yap has also alternative recipes written on the back of its packages.

To be added according to recipe:

1-500 ml cold milk 300 ml condensed yoghurt or regular yoghurt or labne 1,5 package of cereal biscuit (approximately 200-250g) Cuffed baking form (between 22- 26 cm diameter)

2- Preparation of biscuit bottom: Crush the biscuits until they are finely powdered or alternatively you may utilize a rondo.

Melt 75 g of margarine in a pan over heat. Add 30 ml of milk and melted margarine to powdered biscuits.

Mix with a spoon until a homogenous mixture is obtained.

Then spread the homogeneous mixture on the bottom of cuffed baking form by pushing with your hands softly.

3-Preparation of cream: Pour 500 ml of cold milk in a mixing bowl. Add the content of the package. Beat with an electrical mixer first on low speed and then on high speed totally for 2 minutes. Then add required amount of condensed yoghurt / yoghurt or labne and beat for additional 1 minute on low speed.

4-Spread cream on the thin biscuit layer and smooth the upper side. Then put your cheesecake in refrigerator.

After at least 2 hours remove cheesecake from border of baking form with a knife and then dissolve the cuffs.

Slice your cheesecake and serve cold.

5-If you increase waiting time in refrigerator for the prepared cheesecake, you may get a harder cheesecake.


Product description

Make Cheesecake

Dr. It is now very easy to make Cheesecake at home with Cheesecake Maker, which Oetker has produced specially for Cheesecake lovers.

Thanks to its Instant feature, it is prepared by whisking it for 3 minutes without cooking it with cold milk and yogurt.

If desired, strained yoghurt or labne cheese can be used instead of yoghurt.

Flavors such as lemon, orange zest and chocolate can be added to the cream.

You can easily prepare a cheesecake base with ground or crushed biscuits, hazelnuts or almonds, as well as personalized base recipes.

Dr. There are alternative recipes you can prepare with Make Oetker Cheesecake.

Preparation of:1-Pour 500 ml (2,5 cups) of refrigerated chilled milk into a whisk bowl. Add the whole bag on it.

2-Whisk with the mixer ends on low speed and then on high speed for a total of 2 minutes.

3-Add 300 g (1,5 cups) of yogurt on it and beat for another 1 minute at low speed.

4-Base Preparation Suggestion: Grind 200-250 g of cereal biscuit with a food processor. Melt 75 g margarine (butter if desired) over low heat. Add 2 tablespoons of milk to the biscuits, mix well with a spoon and put into a 22-26 cm diameter clamp mold. Spread it on the base, pressing lightly with the back of the spoon. Spread the cream you prepared according to the recipe on the base of the mold. Smooth it over and let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours. With the help of a knife, separate the Cheesecake from the sides of the mold, then unclamp the mold. Serve cold by slicing.

5- Proposal: You can use the same amount of strained yogurt or labne cheese instead of yogurt for a more dense texture. Oetker Instant Blackberry Sauce or Dr. You can serve with Oetker Fruity Sauce. You can get a harder structure by extending the holding time in the refrigerator. While preparing the base, you can put the biscuits in a clean bag and crush them by passing over it with a roller.


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