Çaykur Rize (1 kg)

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The Rize Turist Çay – the most consumed Çaykur tea. Rize Turist Çay has been part of every Turkish family for decades and has been the best known and most popular of all tea types for generations. High-quality but affordable.

£7.99£11.99 (-33%)

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Çaykur Rize Tea 1000 Gr. Çaykur, which is one of the first brands that comes to mind when tea, the indispensable drink of Turkish culture, brings your tea pleasure to the highest levels. Çaykur Rize Tourist Tea, with its leaves carefully picked from tea fields, allows you to get the most intense taste with the least leaves. Çaykur Rize Turist Çay offers you the best quality drinking pleasure for a long time.

Çaykur Rize Tourist Tea delivers the brewed tea taste you are used to, in the most beautiful way. With its intense red color and delicious aroma, Çaykur Rize Tourist Tea is a candidate to be indispensable for those who cannot stop drinking tea. Add your tea leaves to your teapot as much as you like, and brew with drinking water. When the density reaches the desired consistency, you can enjoy your warm tea. With the privilege of Robin Food Turkish Grocery ...


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Store in a cool and dry place.


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Çaykur Rize (1 kg)

£7.99£11.99 (-33%)

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