Ülker Probis Biscuits

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Ulker - Probis Biscuit

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Ulker - Probis Biscuits ROBIN FOOD

Ülker Probis stands out among sweet biscuit varieties with its unique taste. This biscuit, which has many fans with its banana and cocoa cream, manages to be one of the delicious snacks. Ülker Probis, which has a protein-rich structure, is known for its satisfying structure, which is especially preferred to avoid hunger moments. Ülker Probis 10 Pieces manages to be a snack to be served with tea, especially in crowded guest evenings.

Origin: Turkey

Storage Conditions: It is recommended that the package be stored in areas not exposed to moisture and direct sunlight.


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Weight 280 g

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Ülker Probis Biscuits

£1.79£2.19 (-18%)

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