Milka Oreo Filled Chocolate (100gr)

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£1.67£1.76 VAT is included. (-5%)

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Milka Oreo Filled Chocolateis a milk chocolate with delicious oreo biscuits. Offering dozens of options to chocolate lovers with its unique varieties that combine different flavors, Milka has a taste you will admire with its Oreolu chocolate.

When storing your chocolates, you should take care to keep them in low humidity environments. The refrigerator is not suitable for storing chocolate. Since cocoa butter, the raw material of chocolate, has a delicate structure, when exposed to high heat and humidity, its crystal structure deteriorates and the crystals come to the surface. Although this does not spoil the taste of the chocolate, it affects its appearance. Since chocolate has a structure that absorbs the smell very easily, it should be stored in an airtight odorless environment.

Allergen warning
May contain milk, soy, nuts, gluten, other nuts.

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Storage Conditions
Store in a cool and dry place.


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Weight 100 g

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Milka Oreo Filled Chocolate (100gr)

£1.67£1.76 VAT is included. (-5%)

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