Bodrum Tarhana Chips (200 gr)

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Tarhana, which is thought to have been brought by the Turks immigrating from Central Asia to Anatolia, is prepared in a different method unique to the region in Kahramanmaraş. The tradition of neighboring ladies coming together in the early hours of the morning and spreading tarhana in an imece style is gradually disappearing from the cultural fabric of the city.

In the production of tarhana chips, first of all, wheat is pounded in a stone mill, the crust is roasted and turned into "cracked" or "hammered". The tattoo is then washed and baked. Village yogurt is added to the cooked tattoo and flavored with mountain thyme. The mixture is fermented overnight, laid out like thin dough on the exhibits and dried in the sun.

This snack product, which contains dense yoghurt and thyme, can be consumed alone or with other types of nuts, as in the region.

Yogurt (pasteurized cow's milk (contains lactose), yogurt culture), split wheat (contains gluten), water, salt, thyme.

Allergen warning
Contains Gluten and Lactose

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Storage Conditions
Store in a cool and dry place.


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Bodrum Tarhana Chips (200 gr)

£2.84£2.99 (-5%)

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