Muratbey Burgu Cheese (200 gr)

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Muratbey Helix Cheese makes your table offerings a work of art as an exclusive cheese selection that will be enjoyed by adults and children with its naturalness, high nutritional value, unique flavor and remarkable shape. It contains at least 25% less sodium.

NO Artificial Flavors, Trans Fat nor Gluten

£3.18£4.19 (-24%)

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Made in Turkey.

Muratbey Burgu Cheese 200 G

Muratbey Burgu Cheese is less salty, natural and nutritious. Cheese in auger form; make children love cheese. -ROBIN FOOD

Muratbey products; It is produced in accordance with TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.

Do not forget to rinse the cheese to get the salt from the outer surface. Store at +2/4 C. It is recommended to keep it in brine in the refrigerator.


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Weight 200 g

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Muratbey Burgu Cheese (200 gr)

£3.18£4.19 (-24%)

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